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Chargebacks - Prepare Your Business for this Potential Risk

Updated: Feb 23

Credit card companies provide consumers with the valuable recourse of a chargeback, enabling them to contest transactions when issues arise with their credit card purchases. This dispute mechanism serves as a crucial safeguard for consumers throughout the purchasing journey.

However, for business owners, chargebacks pose a potential risk, as they can lead to revenue losses and even merchant account suspension. Chargebacks are a prevalent challenge in the merchant world. Nonetheless, by understanding the process, implementing preventive measures, maintaining strong customer relations, and being prepared to challenge unjustified chargebacks, merchants can effectively manage their impact and safeguard their businesses.

Chargebacks can result from various reasons, including unauthorized transactions, fraud, product or service dissatisfaction, processing errors, or disputes related to the quality of goods or services. To protect their interests and minimize the risk of chargebacks, merchants can take the following steps:

  • Ensure product descriptions are clear and accurate.

  • Establish comprehensive and transparent contracts.

  • Employ secure payment systems.

  • Verify customer identities, particularly for high-value transactions.

  • Monitor and promptly respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

  • Offer a generous refund policy.

  • Maintain meticulous records of all transactions, including order forms, invoices, shipping/tracking information, and customer communication.

  • Implement fraud prevention measures, such as Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) verification.

Responding to a chargeback can be a complex process. At MoxiePay, we don't control the chargeback decisions, but we're here to guide our merchants through the process and offer advice on best practices to help them set their businesses up for success.


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