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Payment Environments

A business's payment environment determines the way in which a business accepts payments. Does the customer pay in-person? Over the phone? Online? OR a combination of the above? The way in which a merchant accepts cards affects the risk of the account, the rates, and determines which hardware and software solutions will best serve the merchant's payment needs.

Card-present – In a card-present environment, the transactions happen when the customer is physically there to make payment. The payment data is collected by a terminal, point-of-sale, or mobile card reader. Restaurants and retail are the most common card-present environments.

Card-not-present – Customers are not physically present for card-not-present transactions. Card-not-present includes eCommerce and online sales, payments taken over the phone and keyed into a software (MOTO mail order telephone order), recurring or automatic payments, and e-invoicing where a customer receives an electronic invoice with a payment link to enter their own credit card information. Card-not-present are higher risk accounts due to a greater risk for fraud. It is easier for fraudsters to steal card information than it is for them to steal a valid physical credit card.

Omnichannel - In an Omnichannel environment, businesses take payments across multiple payment environments and often include a combination of card-present and card-not-present transactions. Omnichannel merchants have more complex payment needs, but at MoxiePay we specifically like the challenge. Because we offer several payment solutions, we can make recommendations for the most complex of businesses.

As your business evolves, MoxiePay is here to match the correct solution to your payment environment, providing a frictionless payment experience for your customer and getting

your business paid quicker and easier.


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