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MoxiePay offers a wide range of payment processing solutions, including merchant services and check processing to serve a variety of businesses. We take a consultative approach to help businesses increase operational efficiencies and reduce cost. With multiple solutions, we can customize a program to meet each client’s payment needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for your business.

Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit card payments is vital for today's businesses. We offer complimentary rate reviews and with our traditional processing program, you can rest assured that you are set up with an honest and fair rate program.

Mobile Payments

Business often takes us into the homes or business locations of our customers. Exhibit professionalism and securely take payments right on the spot with  a mobile app and card reader or wireless credit card machine.

Software integration

Businesses require integrated solutions for ease and efficiency. Our flexible integrations can connect with existing software so you can continue using the products you know at a price you can afford.

dual pricing & Surcharging

With rising costs, businesses are looking for quick and efficient ways to increase revenue.  Reduce or eliminate credit card processing costs with our compliant dual pricing and surcharge programs.

Point of sale Solutions

In its most basic form, a Point of Sale (POS) is a device that accepts payments, but can also manage inventory, employees, customer loyalty, and much more. We have multiple POS solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Online Payments

Collect payments or sell products online through our secure online payment platforms. We can also connect your shopping cart with one of our multiple payment gateway solutions. 

B2B & B2G Optimized Rates

Digital payments are increasing in popularity. Reduce rates on corporate cards as well as increase efficiency through business to business and business to government payment technology solutions.  

Invoice & Billpay

Stop waiting for customers to call or send in payments. Instead, email an invoice and allow them to make payment immediately or securely store customer information on file for future or recurring payments.

Gift & loyalty programs 

Drive sales to your business through a branded gift card or loyalty program. Gift card processing is available at no cost to you. We offer assistance from design to delivery for a successful program launch.

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