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Compliant Surcharging -Guidelines & Benefits

Many businesses are opting to transfer payment processing fees to customers, either partially or in full. Unfortunately, many of these businesses are doing so in a manner that Visa deems non-compliant. Compliant surcharging entails following specific guidelines to ensure adherence to Visa's requirements.

Compliant surcharging is becoming increasingly important for businesses seeking to manage payment processing costs while staying within regulatory boundaries. Understanding the nuances of compliant surcharging can help businesses avoid potential fines and reputational damage. Implementing compliant surcharging offers several benefits for businesses, including cost savings on payment processing fees and transparency in pricing, fostering trust with customers.

Compliant Surcharging Guidelines:

  • Customers can be charged a surcharge for credit card payments only.

  • Debit card transactions cannot be subject to surcharges.

  • The surcharge amount is capped at a maximum of 3%.

  • Proper signage indicating the surcharge is required.

  • Surcharging must comply with state laws.

Non-compliance with Visa's surcharging guidelines can lead to serious consequences for businesses. Visa has initiated on-site audits utilizing secret shoppers to enforce compliance. They scrutinize whether merchants apply surcharges to debit or prepaid card transactions or impose surcharges exceeding 3%. Non-compliance can result in fines ranging from $5,000.00 to $25,000 per occurrence. Additionally, businesses may face reputational damage and loss of customer trust if found non-compliant.

At MoxiePay, we prioritize providing compliant solutions that assist merchants in achieving their goals. If you're considering implementing compliant surcharging or need assistance with payment processing solutions, contact us today. Additionally, if you know of any businesses currently operating outside compliance, we encourage you to refer them to us.

For further details regarding Visa's surcharge requirements, refer to the following resources:

By adhering to compliant surcharging guidelines, businesses can effectively manage payment processing costs while maintaining regulatory compliance and fostering trust with customers.


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