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The Building of a Brand: MoxiePay

Updated: May 13, 2022

“You have got a lot of MOXIE!” is what my husband said to me after I decided to branch out on my own to start a new business. At the time, I was not even sure what the word meant. It sounded catchy and trendy, but did it align with my values and the brand I was creating?

I decided to research the word, "moxie" and discovered an interesting history. In the late 1800s, Dr. Augustin Thompson produced a bitter elixir called, "Moxie Nerve Food." It was claimed to be effective against “paralysis, softening of the brain, nervousness, and insomnia.” A few years later, it became a carbonated soda pop and the name was changed to "Moxie." Although not at every grocery store, Moxie is still sold today and manufactured by the Coca-Cola company. In the 20th century, moxie had come to mean courage, determination, and grit. Because the word is so compelling, there were a plethora of current businesses of various industries with the moxie name, as well as blogs, movies, and quotes etc.

While researching and creating the brand, I was also doing a lot of networking with business owners in my local area. They shared with me how and why they began their companies. They shared stories of hard decisions they made over the years to sustain their business. They spoke of COVID's impact and what they did to overcome. I was moved and inspired. Commitment, drive, confidence, and perseverance, were consistently the characteristics of the brave business owners I was talking to. I realized that you can’t run a business and not have moxie! Adding the word "Pay” would help to describe the service I was providing so after a couple of months of researching and soul searching, I landed on MoxiePay.

MoxiePay is here to support business owners and to be a small part of their story. We work hard to bring integrity to the payments industry through top-notch service and transparent, low-cost processing while offering simple, secure, and future-proof payment solutions. I’m thrilled to be able to help business owners navigate the payments side of running a business and incredibly grateful for those who choose and trust our MoxiePay brand. Do you have moxie? Let's hear about it!

By Leah Lanius, Owner & Founder


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